Woodward County Oklahoma OCES

Wildfire Donation Information

Phone numbers and email contact information for hay donations and fencing supplies in Oklahoma wildfire 2018 relief efforts

Hay Donation Contact Information:

(405) 590-0106

(405) 397-7912

(405) 496-9329

Fencing supplies, milk replacer and other agriculture supplies are being taken at many of the drop off sites as well.


Email Address for Hay Inquiries:



Fire Ant Quarantine Map – Oklahoma & U.S.


Contact Numbers if Needing Hay:
Pick-up Site Location Information

(405) 590-0106

(405) 397-7912

(405) 496-9329

Wildfire Information & Resources

Cattle Health Inspection following Wildfire

Management after Wildfire

Fire Effects on Native Range

Management Following Wildfire KSU

Carcass Disposal Methods

Disaster Losses and Related Tax Rules

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