Woodward County Oklahoma OCES

2018 the Woodward District Livestock show is going social

2018 District Livestock Show

The 2018 Woodward District Livestock Show is going social... Watch for further details of how to get show updates on Social Media.

Premium Sale numbers for the 2018 District Livestock Show are 41 barrow, 17 goats, 17 sheep and 15 steers.

Angus, Herford, Shorthorn show normal within their breeds.  Then those breed champions will be shown together for a Champion and Reserve Champion of the English Breed, then all other lined up for sale order.  All other breeds not mentioned above will be shown as crossbreds with a crossbred Champion and Reserve being selected.  The Champion English steer will then be shown against the Champion Crossbred Steer for the Grand Champion Steer.  If the English breeds have ten in their division then the breed champion and reserve breed champion would make the sale.

Recognized breeds of sheep at the 2018 show will be White Face (Speckle and Dorset). Southdowns, Naturals, White Pelted Black Face and Hair Sheep.  Six per division will guarantee them into the sale and four within each division will qualify as a division.

Herford barrow will NOT be allowed to show as their own breed in 2018


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