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 The Focus on Fat PowerPoint has several handouts beneficial to the lesson.  When presenting this lesson, it was combined with a demonstration using a chocolate chip cookie recipe and adjusting the amounts of fat various ways to compare the quality and flavor of the cookie.  We compared both the dough and the cookies after they were baked.  We also compared baked cookies to store bought low-fat ones.

     Handouts:  Page 1 compares different butter and non-butter products and their fat content.  Page 2 explains the different types of fat and how they affect the body.  Page 3 shows how making slight changes can add up to a big difference in the long run.  Pages 4, 5, and 7 are the forms used to compare the cookies.  Page 6 shows the breakdown between recipes and the amount of fat in each.  Pages 8 and 9 are charts that enhance the PowerPoint.  Page 9 shows the build up in artery walls.

     Hopefully these handouts will help with your presentation.  Please call if additional information is needed.

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