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Horticulture Tips

Variety of topics discussed monthly on Horticulture topics.

Horticulture Tips-September 2018
Garden Tips for September, Pecan Harvest Field Days, Fall is for Planting Trees and Shrubs, Moving Plants Indoor for Winter, Saving Seed of the Amazing Squash, Cool-season Lawn Planting and Renovation, Soil Testing…the Right First Step, Harvesting, Curing, and Preparing Gourds for Decorations
August 2018 Horticulture Tips
Garden Tips, Staking Trees, Urban Friendly Trees, Growing Fall Irish Potatoes
May Horticulture Tips 2018
Garden Tips, Dothistroma Needle Blight of Pine trees, Powdery Mildew, Plant Profile-Mahonia, Controlling Caterpillar Pests, Ten Tips to Save Money and Protect Environment While Enjoying a Healthy Yard, Hunger and Horticulture in the US Conference, Annual OPGA Meeting information, Horticulture Field Day-May 17th
June Horticulture Tips
Garden Tips, Selecting Deciduous Trees for Oklahoma, Deadheading!, Mow at the Right Height, Annual OPGA Meeting Information
November 2018 Horticulture Tips
Garden Tips for November- Protecting Young Trees, Protecting Spring Bulbs from Squirrels & other Critters, Forcing Bulbs for the Holidays, Don't Bag It; Autumn Leaves,
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