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Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) Hunter Education requirements

From Lance Meek, ODWC Hunter Education Coordinator: The Oklahoma Legislature recently passed a bill that will change the hunter education requirements. The change will allow anybody to hunt in Oklahoma whether they¹ve completed hunter education or not. At the same time, it will maintain or improve the safety of hunting. When the law goes into effect on November 1, the following will be true: • The current minimum age of 8 will go away. Anyone under the age of 30 will be able to purchase an apprentice designated license. • Students under 10 years of age will no longer be eligible for testing or certification. For the hunter, this means that anybody, regardless of age can purchase a license and hunt. Anyone under 30 who doesn¹t have hunter education can purchase the apprentice-designated licenses. Those 30 and over are exempt because of their age. And of course, anyone with hunter education certification can use their number to purchase a hunting license. Remember that even with hunter education certification kids under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult hunter when hunting big game. For the ODWC instructor, this means that after November 1, children under 10 years of age may not take the hunter education test or receive a hunter education card. They are allowed to attend the class, just not test or be certified. Participants under the age of 10 may still attend a Hunter Education course and will receive a certificate. It means that they have done the exact same thing that people who have gotten a card, but they were too young to get certified online or were planning to attend a home study course. Here is the web link to ODWC Hunter Education: http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/education/huntered.htm 4-H will still allow members who meet our age requirements to participate in 4-H Shooting Sports.
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