Seminole County OSU Cooperative Extension

What is OSU Extension?

 The Seminole County Cooperative Extension Office is part of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) and the Division of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University. OCES is funded through a partnership between federal, state and county governments. Extension's purpose is to provide research-based information and education to help Oklahomans make their lives better. While traditional college and career tech instructors teach skills for employment, Extension Educators teach skills for living.


Why is Extension Important?

Extension is education for everyone. It plays a vital role in Seminole County by providing practical information to help people improve their quality of life. Extension Educators provide programs on the environment, economic development, family life, health, nutrition and youth development. There is simply no better educational network for these basic subjects that affect us all.

  What’s the Educator do?

Cooperative Extension Educators are housed in every county, where they work side-by-side with residents to address local issues and concerns. County personnel can call upon State, District, and Area Extension Specialists who develop programs based on research-proven, objective information to help Oklahomans solve problems, promote leadership, and manage resources wisely.

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension

Service programs focus on:

Increasing opportunities for agricultural enterprises

Natural resources and environmental management

Food, nutrition, health, safety education, and family financial    management

Youth, family, and community development


 Still not sure what Extension is?

Here’s some examples:

What kind of strange bug is this?

When/how do I prune my rose bush?

I have diabetes, what can or can’t I eat now?

My tomatoes aren’t growing, why?

My water taste funny, can you test it?

I want to can my vegetables, can you tell me how?

Can you help my child develop skills that will help benefit them throughout life?

I need help saving money, can you tell me how?

 These are the kinds of things we can help you with.  We’re here for one reason–to assist the people of Seminole County as they look for answers to life’s everyday problems, whether they are huge . . . or  small.  And we won’t pull you any old answer out of a hat, we base our information and programs on the most current research. 


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