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Hughes/ Seminole County Share the Fun entry form. Entries will be due January 10th and the contest will be held on January 21st  from 6:00pm- 8:00pm at the Holdenville High School auditorium. If you have any questions just let us know!

 Share-The-Fun Contest Categories:

Four categories have been developed that are specific to different types of performing arts.

This will allow judges to compare like acts to each other instead of a wide variety of acts

based on the number of youth participating. Each entry may involve any number of youth in the team.

Below are the descriptions for the four new categories:

1. Dance -- No speaking to form a skit or story line. The act requires choreography and

can be demonstrated through twirling, pom pom squad routines, or dance styles such as

jazz, tap, ballet country & western, ballroom, etc.. Acts may use taped music on CD

or your own device.

2. Instrumental – Instrumental presentation may be musical instruments accompanied by

background tape or an instrumental performance only. No accompanist will be allowed.

Participants may not sing or incorporate a skit, poetry, prose, or choreography with their


3. Theater – This category involves a skit that showcases an aspect of 4-H or a youth issue

and how to address it. The act may incorporate music, vocal selections and/or dance but

these aspects cannot be more than 50% of the performance time. Theater presentations

can be humorous, creative and make fun of but not degrade Extension employees or the

4-H program.

4. Vocal -- Vocal presentation may be done a cappella or with an accompaniment CD or

your own device. No accompanist will be allowed for this category. All members in the

act must be singing. No lip sync will be allowed. Contestants may not present skits,

poetry or other speaking during the act. They may, however, move around the stage

and incorporate choreography with their presentation for the purpose of enhancing their


 age Requirements: Junior ( ages 9-12) Senior (ages 13 to 19)

 Time: The length of the act is not to exceed six (6) minutes from the time the curtain

opens until it closes. In addition, no more than ten (10) minutes total should be allowed for

any act, including their setup and performance time. The following overtime penalties are


-Anytime up to ½ minute over 6 minutes 2 point penalty

-½ to 1 minute over 6 minutes 5 point penalty

-Each additional minute or part of a minute 10 point penalty per minute

Appropriateness Of Act

All acts must support the positive values that underlie the 4-H Program. Acts should

reinforce family values and must not include:

 Inappropriate or suggestive lyrics

 Inappropriate or suggestive gestures

 Dress or costumes that are suggestive or provocative

 Topics that may offend diverse audiences or other groups

 Topics that glamorize drugs, violence or other illegal or immoral behavior

   Kacey Olivo

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

Seminole/ Hughes County,

OSU Extension Services

Hughes Phone: 405-379-5470

Seminole Phone: 405-257-5433



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