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This website is the creation of the OAE4-HA Youth Development Committee.  The team felt that focusing efforts on developing public speaking skills in 4-H members was a good place to start.  This website is one way that we would like to share information and resources. 

If you have PowerPoints, lesson plans, hand-outs, activities, or websites that you have developed or found to be helpful to you in teaching public speaking, please e-mail them to Cheryl Newberry.


CORE 2 -- 4-H Public Speaking

 Karla Knoepfli

Slides 76-93 address public speaking.  These materials are for 4-H volunteer training. Self-study, newsletter materials, and other handouts are also included in the manual.

Counties have the CORE manual in their office.  If you cannot find, please contact Karla Knoepfli.

T3:  Train The Trainer

 Karla Knoepfli

 Unit 2 in T3 focuses on communication skills.  These lessons are designed to use in training others to teach the subject. Unit 2.6 has been updated and focuses on Developing a Presentation.  Other topics in Unit 2 would also be appropriate for public speaking. 

T3:  Unit 2.6

National 4-H Curriculum:

Picking Up the Pieces -- Level 1

Putting It Together -- Level 2

The Perfect Fit -- Level 3

Helper's Guide

Cheryl Newberry

 These full color member booklets target three different age levels and are filled with activities.  The Helper's Guide is for the leader/educator to use.  Materials can be purchased from the 4-H Mall.

 4-H Mall -- Public Speaking Resources


Ginny McCarthick

David Sorrell

The SpeakEasy program was developed by Oregon State 4-H and teaches public speaking in a fun and creative way.  


Leader Booklet w/ activities

4-H Presentations Hand-out

Participant Booklet



Taming The Public Speaking Monster

Cheryl Newberry

This program uses the metaphor of the parts of a monster to teach the parts of a speech.  The lesson includes fun activities that allow for practice of speaking.


Lesson Plan

Public Speaking Monster Hand-out

Monster Activity Cards

Making Your 4-H Visuals as Good As Your ideas


Poster Judging Activity

Radonna Sawatzky These PPTs were developed by Radonna and Taler Sawatzky.  It is a great resource for tips on developing quality visuals and practicing evaluating posters.

Making Your 4-H Visuals as Good As Your ideas PPT

Poster Judging Activity PPT


Tools for Public Speaking:  A Guide for 4-H Leaders

The Ohio State University Extension

This manual covers the basics of public speaking as well as activities to incorporate. 

Tools for Public Speaking -- Ohio


4-H Presentation Manual

University of California 4-H Youth Development Program

This manual covers the many types of presentations and what is included in each.  Good information is included on developing quality visual aids.

4-H Presentation Manual -- California

Communications Toolkit:  Fun, Skill-building Activities to do with Kids

Michigan State University    4-H

This website has a variety of materials on public speaking, written communication, visual communication and graphic design, and videography.

Communications Toolkit -- Michigan

Building Bridges:  Reaching People Through Communication University of Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development

 This series of publications addresses many facets of communication including: Crazy About Books, Creative Wordworking,  Public Speaking Handbook, Voices Past, Communication Activities for 4-H Clubs, Parent Guide, Teaching Resources for Youth Workers.

Building Bridges Series -- University of Wisconsin 4-H

4-H Tropicana Public Speaking Program

Florida 4-H

This website contains a great video that provides an overview of public speaking.  This program was designed for schools and culminates in a public speaking contest.  This would be a great idea for a day camp or project club.

4-H Tropicana -- Florida

Public Speaking...4-H Style, Texas 4-H

Cheryl Newberry

This manual was developed by a former teacher and private consultant in public speaking.  The general concepts are still current even though the manual is old!  

Public Speaking...
4-H Style
Yea! 4-H Afterschool Curriculum, K-2, Texas 4-H Cheryl Newberry

The five lessons in the unit focus on Communication and Expressive Arts.  Some lessons may be a great introduction to public speaking for the Cloverbud.

 Yea! 4-H, K-2, Communication & Expressive Arts Unit
Yea! 4-H Afterschool Curriculum, 3-5 Grade, Texas
Cheryl Newberry

The five lessons in Unit 22 focus on Communication and Expressive Arts.  Some lessons may be a great introduction to public speaking for the beginner. 

Yea! 4-H, 3-5, Communication & Expressive Arts Unit
Yea! 4-H Afterschool Curriculum, 6-8 Grade, Texas
Cheryl Newberry

The Unit, Take The Lead, features lessons on developing leadership skills.  Lesson 2 focuses on communication skills, more specifically listening skills.

Yea! 4-H, 6-8, Communication Connection Lesson

Famous Persons Contest -- SE District     4-H

Cheryl Newberry

The SE District hosts a Famous Persons Speaking Contest.  This is a fun an creative way for youth to practice their speaking skills.

Famous Persons Contest Rules

Accuconference:  Public Speaking Resources Website Maranda Gibson, Accuconference

 This website has a wealth of information on public speaking that would be a good overview for educators or volunteers.  If you have questions about any of the resources, you may contact Maranda Gibson with Accuconference.

 Public Speaking Resources from
Public Speaking Games Website Sara West

This website has some great games to teach speaking skills.  Sara found this resource on Pinterest!
Become A More Confident Presenter Tracy Beck

This booklet was compiled by Judy Rudin, Communications Specialist, and was used in a Roundup Workshop in 2008.  Still some great information included.

Become A More Confident Presenter Booklet

Toastmasters International

Wendie Powell

Toastmasters members would be excellent speakers for a workshop, club program, or for volunteer training.  They can teach basic public speaking skills and more.

Toastmasters International Website

To find a Toastmaster in your area, go to the website search for a club near you.

10 Tips For Successful Public Speaking Toastmaster International  

This handout is a great addition to any workshop.

 10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking

101 Improv Games for Children

Author:  Bob Bedore

Cheryl Newberry

This is a great book full of improv activities, many of which are similar to the TV show, "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?"

Can be ordered from or other bookstores.

Successful Presentations for Dummies

Author:  Malcolm Kishner

Cheryl Newberry

This book is full of information to help you teach public speaking. 

Can be ordered from or other bookstores.

Spicing Up 4-H Teen Public Speaking with Multiple Intelligence Approaches

Journal of Extension

This research article was developed by Idaho Extension Professionals.  The article discusses a strategy for teaching public speaking using the metaphor of a chili pepper. 

Journal of Extension 

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