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Pasture Weed Control FAQ

What herbicide should I use on my pastures?

Use the cheapest chemical you can and still get the job done. When weeds are small, 1.5 pints of 2,4-D (4 lb/gallon material) will get the job done. If weeds get taller than 6 inches switch to a product that mixes 2,4-D and either picloram or dicamba.

What kind of yield increase should I expect from spaying for weeds in my pasture?

You will normally only get a pound per pound grass response. For every pound of weeds you kill you will see a pound increase in grass production. If you want to increase the pasture yield, you will need to apply fertilizer at the same time as the weed control is preformed.

How do you kill Sericea Lespedeza?

Apply 1 to 2 pints of remedy in mid May when plants are actively growing. Yearly follow up application will need to be made in order to kill newly germinating seed.

What is the best way to control Horsenettle?

Apply 2 pints/ac of Grazon P+D when plants are in full flower. (June)

When should I spray my pastures for weeds?

Before you can see the weeds from your pickup window.  Most weeds are easiest to kill when they are from 2 to 6 inches tall. In S.E. Oklahoma, this is usually the last 2 weeks in April  and the first week of May.

How do you kill goatweed?

Treat it in late April with 1.5 pints of 2,4-d or 1 pint of Grazon P+D.

How do I get rid of these sand burs?

Sell that place and buy a better one. We do not have a good answer for this question. Best bet is to fertilize this pasture well, cut it for hay or graze it hard before burs set seed heads. Then live with it the rest of the year. With fertility, over time the grass will sometimes out compete the burs and you will have fewer burs. But you will probably never be rid of them.

How do you control blackberries?

Do not mow or burn for two years. Treat with1 pint of remedy/ac for two years in a row.

How do I get rid of these greenbriers in my pasture?

Mow or burn them any time the vines get taller than 2 feet. Let the cattle and deer graze them. Over time they will slowly die out. For fence lines or spot treatment mix 1 quart of remedy + 1 gallon of Grazon P+D + 1 quart of surfactant in 100 gallons of water and spray until they drip, June or Sept. This will give partial control.

For more complete information, contact your county extension office.

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