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Pottawatomie County OSU Extension

School Enrichment

You are invited as a school teacher, Day Care, Head Start teacher, 4-H volunteer, or other professional working with youth to consider 4-H Enrichment Programs for part of your curriculum or youth activities. 

Call 405-273-7683 to schedule a visit to your classroom.

Workshops can include character development and Bullying, Plant Science and Gardening, Nutrition and Health, and many more! 

All 4-H programs are designed to help youth develop by involving parents and other interested adults who organize and conduct learning experiences, whether they are learning a life skill or an academic subject.  Oklahoma State University and the Pottawatomie County Cooperative Extension Service provide these programs through 4-H Youth Development efforts. The Extension Staff is available as a resource to meet your needs and assist in your educational programs.

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