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Pottawatomie County OSU Extension

County 4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs in Pottawatomie County are listed in the table below with Club Leader and meeting information. Please contact club leaders to verify meetings are as scheduled.

Club Volunteer Information
Meeting Information
Home Ag
Katherine Fugikawa,
(405) 633-3844
2nd Tuesday, 1:30pm, Extension Office
Asher Charilyn Milburn,
(405) 517-9457
1st Monday, 7pm, Asher School 
Bethel Caleb Winsett,
(405) 308-5813
2nd Thursday, 6pm, Bethel Ag Room
Dale Julie Merrick
(405) 412-2031

1st Wednesday, 3:30pm, Dale Cafeteria 

Macomb Marcy Tibbs,
(405) 287-8085
Brandy Tibbs,
(405) 287-5317
1st Tuesday, 6:30pm, Macomb School Library

McLoud Catherine Alls,
(601) 310-2495
Lyndsey Little,
(405) 481-9262
2nd Tuesday, 6:30, McLoud Ag Room 

 South Rock Creek
 Linda Goodson,
(405) 401-4881
Last Tuesday, 6:30pm, SRC Cafeteria
Tecumseh Cindy Larson,
Tawana Holland,
(405) 488-4784
3rd Monday, 6pm, Tecumseh Ag Building


Shooting Sports-Archery
Warren Ingersoll,  405-760-7593
Kerry Ingersoll,
(405) 306-8595
John Goodson,
(405) 834-5605
As Announced

 2019-2020 Club Meeting Schedule

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