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OHCE Newspaper Articles

OHCE Newspaper Articles



2015 Fair Results #1     2015 Fair Results #2     2015 Fair Results #3     2015 Fair Results #4

2015 Fair Results #5     2015 Fair Results #6     2015 Fair Results #7


Older Adults and Medication Safety 7-1-15          Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow for Emmons  7-8-15


Preventing Falls in Older Adults 6-3-15                        Do Your Homework Before Signing a Contract for Home Repairs 6/7/15         

 Putting a Face on Fun Foods 6/7/15          Cleaning Furniture Damaged in a Flood 6/10/15

Buyer Beware of Flood-Damaged Cars for Sale 6/16/15    Window Safety Especially Important as Weather Warms Up 6-24-15


Tips for Summer Grilling Safety 5-6-15            Cleaning Dishes and Kitchen Surfaces After a Disaster 5-14-15

Preventing and Cleaning Mold and Mildew After a Storm 5-17-15          Flooding Tips 5-27-15


Are you Getting a Good Night's Sleep 4-1-15        All Kids are Super Heroes Baby Fair 4-15-15       Learn to Preserve Produce 4-29-15


Potluck Safety 3-4-15             Sleeping Near Devices With Small Screens Can Interrupt Children's Sleep 3-11-15

Focusing on Trans Fats and Saturated Fats 3-18-15      OSU to Issue 40-Gallon Water-Use Challenge 3-25-15


Use Your Tax Refund to Boost Your Financial Future 2-3-15        Getting on the Savings Track and Staying on Course 2-10-15


The Basics in Teaching Children About Money 1-6-15               Keep Your Children Moving During the Winter Months 1-13-15

Cut the Spread of Germs by Setting up a Sick Room  1-27-15



"Dine In" To Save Money Today and Tomorrow 12-2-14                                                    Snacking for Success 12-16-14 

Eating Right Improves Your Odds of Avoiding Mental Decline 12-23-14                            Helping an Overweight Child 12-30-14

November 2014

Resistant Starch, a Different Type of Fiber 11-4-14                           Holiday Budgeting Tips 11-11-14                                                  

 The Best Way to Reduce Fuel Cost in Winter 11-18-14                                 Winterizing Your Car and Emergency Planning 11-25-14

October 2014

Include Kids in Your Family Emergency Planning 10-7-14                                          Getting Fired Up About Fire Prevention 10-14-14

Kitchen Myths Busted 10-21-14                                                                        November is American Diabetes Month 10-28-14

 September 2014

Nuts about Nuts 9-2-14                        Healthy Means on a Budget 9-9-14                          Cutting Cost on Back-to-School Shopping 9-16-14   

Eat Smart for Digestive Health 9-23-14                                                                                Getting Fired up About Fire Prevention 9-30-14

August 2014

Have Fun, But Stay Safe on Lakes, Rivers 8-6-14                                                               Celebration of the Past at the County Fair 8-12-14         

 Pittsburg County Extension Brings PRIDE to Businesses and Tourism 8-19-14                 Common Sense Approach to Portion Control 8-26-14

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