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Ag/Horticulture Newspaper Articles

Ag/Horticulture Newspaper Articles



October Horticulture Tips 10-9-16


Garden Tips for September 9-4-16        Fall Webworms Observed Throughout The County 9-18-16\

Storing Large Round Bales 9-25-16


Water Requirements for the Cow Herd 8-7-16      Stockpiled Bermuda Grass Can Reduce Winter Feed Costs 8-14-16


Nitrates Can Be Higher After "Heat-Breaking" Rain Shower 7-10-16

Working Cattle in Summertime Heat 7-31-16


Replacement Heifers and Mature Cows 6-13-16      Follow BQA Guidelines When Treating and Selling Cows 6-26-16


Conversion of Feeds 5-1-16    Growing Great Tomatoes 5-15-16       Timely Garden and Lawn Tips 5-29-16


April Means Lawn and Landscaping 4-3-16


Growing Vegetables in Hay Bales Pt. 1  3-6-16      Growing Vegetables in Hay Bales Pt. 2  3-6-16

Early Spring Nutritional Challenges of Spring-Calving Cows 3-20-16


Landscaping 101  2-7-16          Three Keys to Planning the Spring Breeding Season 2-14-16     

Starting With a Soil Test 2-21-16          Grow With Gardening Classes  2-28-16


Spraying for Insects in Winter 1-3-16        Horticulture Tips for the New Year 1-10-16

Caring for a Baby Calf: The First 24 Hours Key 1-17-16          Repeatability of Calving Difficulty 1-31-16



Is Your Cow Good for Another Year?  12-6-15      Taking Advantage of Good Weather 12-13-15     

Acorn Poisoning in Cattle 12-20-15



Maintain Body Condition Between Calving and the Breeding Season 11/1/15      Wrapping Young Trees for Protection 11-8-15

December Lawn Care 11-22-15


Addressing Calf Health 10-4-15          Culling of Beef Cows 10-11-15          Top 10 Landscaping Tips 20-18-15    

Poor Temperament Adversely Affects Profit Pt 1  10-25-15      Poor Temperament Adversely Affects Profit Pt 2 10-25-15


Cattle Eye Health and Snake Tips 9-6-15          Watch for Anaplasmosis in Cattle  9-13-15

Fall Means the Arrival of the Webs 9/20/15     Wrapping Young Trees for Protection 9-29-15


Keep a Close Watch for Fall Armyworms 8-2-15      Stockpiled Bermuda Grass Can Reduce Winter Feed Costs 8-9-15

Ryegrass in Pastures Could Be The Ticket For Producers 8-16-15      September Horticulture Tips for the Homeowner 8-23-15


Anaplasmosis Prevention 7-5-15      Understanding the Algae In Your Farm Ponds 7-19/15      Late Summer Horticulture Tips 7-26-15


Wet Pastures and Foot Rot 6/7/15          Working Cattle in Summertime Heat 6/14/15

Promoting Your Product Often an Overlooked Step 6-21-15


It's Warming Up Fast:  May Horticultural Tips 5-3-15    Most Passive Immunity Occurs in the First SIx Hours Part 1  5-10-15   

Most Passive Immunity Occurs in the First Six Hours Part 2  5-10-15          Assessing the Too Much Rain Reality 5-17-15

Understanding Wet Hay 5-31-15


Gardening Schedule 4-5-15          Dig In and Avoid Garden Mistakes 4-12-15          Integrated Fly Control for Cow/Calf Operations 4-19-15


Oklahoma Quality Beef Network  3-8-15          OSU Looks to Grow its Gardening Program 3-15-15

Get Sharp About Pruning Roses 3-22-15      Springtime Storms and the Cow Herd 3-29-15


Cattle Tips for Spring 2-1-15        When Do We Intervene and Assist a Cow or Heifer in Labor?  2-8-15

Re-Warming Methods for Severely Cold-Stressed Newborn Calves 2-22-15


Horticulture Tips for Early Spring 1-4-15                                   Feeding for Cold Weather Part 1  & Feeding for Cold Weather Part II - 1-11-15

Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Lawns 1-25-15


December 2014

Spraying for insets and maintaining cattle body conditions in winter 12-7-14         Sprucing UP a Drab Winter Landscape 12-14-14

Some Feeding Advice on the Agricultural Front 12-21-14           Severity of Winter and Impact on Calf Birth Weights 12-28-14

November 2014

Cow Age and Cow Productivity 11-7-14          Feeding for Cold Weather 11-14-14          Cows on Wheat Pasture 11-21-14

October 2014

Perilla Mint 10-3-14          Sorting Cows for More Efficient Winter Supplemental Feeding 10-10-14          Prussic Acid Poisoning 10-17-14         

Planting Cover Crops 10-24-14          The Impact of Dressing Percent on Cull Cow Marketing 10/31/14

September 2014

September Horticulture Tips for the Homeowner 9-5-14          Rye Grass 9-12-14          October Horticulture Tips 9-26-14         

August 2014

 Scouting for Fall Armyworms 8-8-14          OQBN Preparing for Fall Sales 8-15-14          Fall Calving Season Begins Ahead of Schedule 8-22-14

Reducing the Risk of Calf Scours in Fall Born Calves 8-29-14         

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