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Payne County OSU Cooperative Extension

About Us

Program Emphasis
Extension Educators receive program recommendations and requests. Priorities are identified by county advisory committees and  organizations.  Extension professionals can be found teaching in a variety of locations around they county and the classroom.  Instruction can be anywhere from a meetingroom to a farm pasture.  Leadership development provides a network of trained volunteers who also teach programs and "spread the knowledge" provided by the Extension Educators.

Information Sources
Unbiased research-based information from the land grant universities, the agriculture research stations, and the United States Deparment of Agriculture is available fromt eh county Extension office.  OSU Extension professionals update their knowledge base through in-service training as well as state and national conferences and college coursework to stay abreast of the changes in technology and subject matter.

Who Benefits from Extension?
Programs are available to anyone.  Everyone who uses the services offered can benefit from  the Extension Service.  During the past year, over 34,000 people attended educational programs, received information or services through personal and telephone contacts or educational newsletters.  In addition, two weekly news columns written by the Extension Educators are provided to Stillwater, Perkins, Cushing and Yale newspapers and radio stations.

Payne County Extension can secure trend studies, community needs assessments, and economic impact analysis for county and municipal governments, community chambers of commerce, industrial committees, and local business.  Extension can provide information for you whether you are in a city, community or rural citizen.  Come by and see what we have to offer.

What kind of information is available from our office?  here are some examples from A to Z:

A = agriculture, apples, azaleas, asparagus, ag-in-the classroom, aqua times, air quality;
B = bee keeping, barn building plans, bark mulching, budgets, baby-sitting school, brush control;
C = child development, cholesterol reduction, chemicals, canning, cloverbuds, citizenship, cattle, chick embryo science, county fair;
D = dairy, diet & disease, decision-making, dehydrating foods, dress revue, dogwood, dog-care & training;
E = economic development, environmental education, exercise entomology, energy;
F = fat reduction, farm safety, forage production, family concerns, food storage safety, 4-H clubs, financial management;
G = gardening, government, grandparenting, global awareness;
H = horticulture, healthy heart, hay testing, home-based business, herd health;
I = irrigation, instect control, impressive dress, investment strategies;
J = job readiness skills, jelly making, judging;
K = kilowatt saving, kitchen equipment & design;
L = label literacy, lawn care, leadership development, life skills;
M = meal planning, money management, mineral rights, milk production;
N = nutrition, neighborhood safety, nitrogen application, networking;
O = organic gardening, organizational skills, onion storage, osteoporosis prevention;
P = parenting, pesticide safety, personal development, public speaking, plant science;
Q = quality water, quick sewing tips, quality control, quick meals;
R = range management, rural development, recycling, recordkeeping, roses, room designs, rafters;
S = self-esteem, solid waste management, soil testing, safety, stain removal, stress management;
T = toxic chemicals, timber, tick control, tornado safety;
U = urban renewal, upholstery, USDA Dietary Guide lines;
V = vegetable production, vitamins, vision care, volunteer;
W = weed control, wardrobe planning, wetland conservation, water conservation, window treatments;
X = xenia, xenogamy, xylem;
Y = yards, yields, youth development, yearlings, yeast breads;
Z = zinnias, zoology, zoom lens, zippers.

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