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Business Start-Up Notebook

Are you thinking about starting a business in Payne County, but are not sure where to start? Don't worry. This is a common problem and is why we have created the Business Start-Up notebook. If you would like the notebook in hard-copy form, stop by the Payne County Extension office and purchase one for $5. The fee is simply so that we may cover our costs.

If you don't mind downloading to your own computer and printing from your own printer, all of the forms found in the notebook are listed below. They are all in pdf and will require Adobe (free at to read.

Checklist for Going into Business, by the Small Business Administration. This guide will help you determine if your idea is feasible. It asks you to consider various topics including a personality assessment, a marketing plan, and cost estimates.

Resource List, This resource was created by the Payne County Extension office and lists agencies in OK that provide assistance to businesses - including agencies that help with business plans, agencies with which you need to register your business, and organizations that provide financial assistance.

PowerPoint (converted to pdf) Also created by the Payne County Extension office, this PowerPoint walks a new business through the steps of the start-up process. 

Business Plan Tutorial, This is a wonderful resource by SCORE that guides you through the creation of a business plan. 

Application for Federal EIN, The easiest way to apply for your Federal Identification Number is online at This file is for those that prefer a paper form.

If you are planning to sell tangible goods, you must receive a sales tax permit from the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Currently, this form must be filled out online. Click Here.

Tradename Application Form, From the Oklahoma Secretary of State. This is a relatively simple form that costs $25 to file. It is recommended, even for a sole proprietor. Consider contacting the OSU Trademark Library if you have any questions about patents, tradenames and trademarks.

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Registration Form, This form is also from the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Becoming an LLC is not necessarily one of the first steps to starting a business. In fact, it may be something you consider later on. It is a good idea to consult your attorney about such matters.

Woman-Owned Business Certification Packet, If at least 51% of your business will be owned and daily managed by a woman, consider applying for this certification offered through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

Women-Owned Business Directory, View a list of Certified Woman-Owned Businesses by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

City of Cushing Business Application, Of the municipalities in Payne County, the City of Cushing requires that you submit this application with a $5 application fee.

Application for Food/Lodging Establishment, If you are planning to open a food establishment, you will need to complete these forms in cooperation with the Payne County Health  Dept. Call (405) 372-8200 for more information. We also recommend that you consider taking Basic Training offered by the Robert M. Kerr Food and Ag Products Center. It is valuable for any new business in the food processing industry.

Grants for Business Start-Up?, This is a short article by the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center about grants for business start-up. A short summary of the article is that there aren't any. If your new business is based on innovative advanced technology, you might be an exeption. Contact OSU's New Product and Development Center for assistance with the SBIR grant.

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