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  • 4-H deals with the growth and development of people.  4-H is a series of learning experiences designed witht he "whole" child in mind.  Participating in any 4-H program should involve:

HEAD - Thinking and learning, solving problems, making decisions and setting goals.

HEART - Caring, determining personal and family values; respecting and supporting one another.

HANDS - Using new skills to create, build, design or shape.

HEALTH - Forming attitudes, habits and lifestyles that enhance well-being.

The 4-H approach values each child's individuality and recognizes the child's need to feel competent, important and worthwhile.  4-H reaffirms a child's potential by providing opportunities to learn and succeed and by celebrating their accomplishments.  We hope your family will take this opportunity to introduce 5 year-old to 2nd grade to 4-H learning experiences through a non-competitive educational program called "Cloverbuds".

The 4-H Cloverbud project has a Leader/Parent guide for use in organizing a Cloverbud club.  this guide provides helpful hints on using other parents in the club, planning for trips and activities and has reminders on some of the needs of 5 years old to 2nd grade children.

In addition to the guide, there are over sixty activity sheets for use with Cloverbud members.  These activity sheets are not designed to just give to the member, but rather are designed for the leader or parent to use as a guide in doing an activity with Cloverbud member.

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