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What is Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association?

Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association is the voice of Oklahoma's cattle producers!

The primary focus of the OCA continues to be representing the interests of Oklahoma's cattlemen at the Oklahoma Legislature. The OCA has continued an aggressive course of action supporting proactive legislation and challenging anti-industry legislation and regulations. The presence of the OCA has been heard and felt at the Oklahoma legislature and the U.S. Congress. The OCA exists to support and defend the state and nation's beef cattle industry. The OCA officers, board of directors and membership encourages you to join us in our advocacy efforts to ensure less government intervention, lower taxes and a better bottom line.


  • TO ADVOCATE for Oklahoma's cattle producers at the Oklahoma Legislature, the U.S. Congress and dozens of other government bodies;
  • EDUCATE our members on current rules and regulations, as well as the latest developments in research and production techniques to maximize profitability;
  • TO COMMUNICATE with the public, through close relationships with the media, the plight of the beef industry;
  • TO PROVIDE a forum of discussion and development of positions and policies to benefit the industry, the state and the nation.

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