Ottawa County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service


What is OHCE?
Oklahoma Home and Community Education, Inc. is a program of continuing education in all
aspects of home and community life. The organization’s ultimate mission is to educate its members
to be well-informed and able to handle change in their homes and communities. Through its
relationship with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, OHCE presents research-based
information to its members.

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Ottawa County OHCE Officers 2015-2016 

 Linda Garrett  President
 Carolyn Ritchey  Vice President 
 Joan Edwards  Secretary/Reporter
 Barbara Hutto  Treasurer
 Frieda Stovall  Parliamentarian
 Secretary from each group.  Historian

OHCE Executive Meetings 

Ottawa County OHCE Local Group Clubs: Click on each Group for more information.



Jolly Workers

Spring River

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OHCE Fundraising---OHCE offers RADA cutlery as a fundraisor for the club to order contact the Extension Office or the
fundraising chairmen, Sue Rendel or Frieda Bowers.

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