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Osage County Extension
1039 Old Highway 99
Pawhuska, OK

Phone: (918) 287-4170
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Donna Robbins, FCS/4-H Educator, CED

Jessica Jantzen, 4-H & Youth Development Educator

Kenda Woodburn-Horticulture Specialist

Bruce Peverley-Agriculture Educator

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Osage County - Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service


 Osage County Extension would like to welcome Kenda Woodburn and Bruce Peverley.

Kenda Woodburn-Horticulture Specialist

Woodburn, K

Professional Summary

Highly experienced Horticulturist with a strong dedication to testing new as well as utilizing old farming techniques
to grow sustainable edible foods.

Dynamic Horticulture Extension Educator with demonstrated capabilities in teaching youth and adults the cultural

histories of agriculture, hands on agriculture and the future of sustainable agriculture in a rapidly developing
Caring and qualified horticulturist researcher/educator with over 20 years of experience working with various food

nullWork History

Horticulture Extension Educator, 04/2012 to Current
Oklahoma State University Extension Service Tulsa County 4116 E 15th St. Tulsa, OK 74112

Developed and taught lessons on horticulture and helped create school gardens to promote student interest in

growing food crops and preserving the environment.

Successfully implemented community gardens throughout Tulsa County along with other community partners.
Encouraged specialty crop production with an emphasis on native plants at various meetings throughout
the State of Oklahoma.
Established replicated variety trial plots of blackberry, peach and apple at the OSU Bixby Vegetable Research
Worked with commercial farmers helping with site selection, soil sampling, pond location, irrigation
management, proper variety selection, cultural care, harvesting and postharvest handling and marketing of
fresh produce.
Answered questions from the general public concerning all aspects of cultural care of their home garden plants.
Worked with women from the Women in Recovery Program and with juvenile offenders to complete their
required community service hours by working in various community gardens under my supervision.

 Bruce Peverley-Agriculture Educator

Peverley, B

 Professional Summary

Worked for Extension for over 30 years
Masters degree in Animal Science from Kansas State University
18+ years of experience as the NE OK Area Livestock Speicialist

Areas of Expertise

Cow/Calf nutrition and management

Stocker cattle nutrition and health

Horses, sheep and cattle experience

Strong background in range and pasture mangagement


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BEEF Cattle Extension: http://beefextension.com/

OK Rangelands: http://www.okrangelandswest.okstate.edu/

Animal Science: http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/exten/

Agricultural Economics: http://agecon.okstate.edu/extension.asp

Natural Resources & Ecology Management: http://nrem-old.okstate.edu/Extension/

Plant & Soil Science: http://pss.okstate.edu/extension

Horticulture: http://www.hortla.okstate.edu/hortla/resources.htm

Entomology & Plant Pathology: http://entoplp.okstate.edu/


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