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Gardening Tasks for July

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Gardening Tasks for July


Much of the July list of garden tasks is taken from the OSU Extension Publication, HLA-6408 – Landscape Maintenance Schedule with additional information added. This maintenance schedule is a checklist which emphasizes prevention rather than remediation. Some of the topics mentioned below have individual Fact sheets available at



·         If white grubs are a problem, apply preventative white grub treatments from late June to mid-July. Products that can be used include Merit, Machil or GrubX. More information on grubs can be found at the following link:

·         Mowing heights for cool-season turf grasses should be 3” during hot, dry summer months. Gradually raise mowing height of bermudagrass lawns from 1 l/2 to 2 inches.

·         Vegetative establishment of warm-season grasses should be completed by the end of July to ensure the least risk of winter kill. The basic methods of vegetative establishment include sod placement, plugging, stolonizing, and sprigging.  (HLA-6419)

·         Brown patch disease of cool-season grasses can be a problem. (HLA-6420)

·         Meet water requirements of turf. (HLA-6420)

·         Fertilization of warm-season grasses can continue if water is present for growth. (HLA-6420)


·         If drought conditions are present, expect some leaf fall from trees. Water young plants well.


Shrubs and Flowers:

·         Many annual and perennial flowers will continue to bloom if they are deadheaded. Flowers that benefit deadheading include ageratum, celosia, coleus, cosmos, geraniums, marigolds, scabiosa, salvia, black-eyed Susan and zinnias. More information can be found in an article called “How to Maintain, Deadhead your Annuals and Perennials” at

·         Continue to fertilize your annuals to keep them blooming.

·         If you haven't already mulched your flowerbeds, do it now. Mulching prevents weeds and keeps your plants cool. Renew mulch where needed.

·         As the weather becomes hotter, container plants will need more water and may need to be watered every day. Hanging baskets may need to be watered twice a day.

·         The hotter and drier it gets, the larger the spider mite populations become!  Spraying plant foliage will provide partial relief of this pest.

·         Divide and replant crowded hybrid iris (bearded iris) after flowering until August.

Aphids on milkweed can be removed by squashing the aphids and/or spraying them off with a water hose, Insecticidal soap can be used, but be sure no monarch caterpillars or eggs are present. Rinse the plant the next day.

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