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4-H Record Books

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Information and downloads for County, State 4-H Record Books and Achievement Score Sheets

A record book is an accumulation of all 4-H project work done in one or more years.  4-H members should add to their record book each year, including new information over their project experiences in the past year.  Members should describe the short-term projects they participated in or completed that lead towards the long-term 4-H project work goals.  Record books should include project information that shows the size and scope of the project work (how many were involved, number of items produced, number of hours spent on project, etc).

A record book is an excellent way to look back and see how much you have grown and learned through your  4-H experience.  It can also be used to apply for a variety of 4-H  and other awards and recognition.

To help in yearly record keeping, be sure to ask your local 4-H leader for a Monthly 4-H Records booklet.  These booklets are filled out during the meeting and help members record information such as the following:

  1. What you did (number of times, number of items made, number of animals, number of acres planted and harvested, hours spent working in project or project work done, how many people were involved, etc.).
  2. What you learned (what new knowledge and skills were learned, what funny or sad things happened, etc.).
  3. Learning experiences participated in (including demonstrations, speeches, tours, exhibits, judging, workshops attended, lessons at local club meetings, day camps, etc.).
  4. Leadership experiences you participated in (volunteer leadership: teaching or assisting with teaching, committee work, officer, etc.).
  5. Citizenship activities participated in (helping others, providing a service, organizing a community-wide project, etc.).
  6. Awards and recognition received.

Workshops will be offered in the spring for both County and State record books.  Most leaders will also schedule a record book discussion during a club meeting.

The Project Area Medals list below helps youth set goals to work towards project medals that relate to the scholarships offered at the state level for advanced record books down the road.  Its never to early to start planning for state record books for those grades 8-12!

County Record Books (Grades 3-12 as of September 1 of the year the book is submitted)

 4-H Project Medal Check Sheet

Achievement Score Sheet 

 Not required to turn in a record book, and record books are not required to turn in a score sheet

Jr. Achievement Score Sheet 2018-2019 (Grades 3-8, due May 15th) 

Sr. Achievement Score Sheet 2018-2019(Grades 9-12, due May 15th) 

State 4-H Record Books 

State Record Books are encouraged for 4-H members who are in 8th - 12th grades. 4-H members that are eligible should consider completing a state record book. Top 3 in each project area for the state are selected for interviews and a final winner is selected and receives a $1200.00 scholarship. Every year there are more and more scholarship opportunities available in the 4-H program. For a complete explanation of the state record book and awards program, please contact Taylor at the Extension Office to begin developing a 4-H project plan. 

State Record Book (Grades 8-12 as of September 1 of the year the book is submitted). State Record Books are due to the Noble County OSU Extension office by April 22, 2019. Contact Taylor at the Extension Office to set up appointments for revisions and proofing.  

Tips for formatting the State 4-H Record Book Report Form 

  • DO NOT move the text boxes 
  • Ensure that all text displays in the text boxes, once the text box is full, additional records will not show up 

  • The report form contains the following pages with the given space allowance below: 
    1. Section 1-A boxes linked for 2 pages 
    2. Section 1-B is only one page, any additional words beyond the one page will not be visible 
    3. Section 2 boxes linked for 2 pages 
    4. Section 3 boxes linked for 2 pages 
    5. Section 4 is only the space given 
    6. Section 5 is only the space given 







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