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Drought Management

Recent Drought Management Video Series Released by Water Resources Center

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Recent Drought Management Video Series Released by Water Resources Center


As the drought intensifies, along with concerns about its impacts, many may be looking for further guidance on what to expect during this drought and how to best manage their operations.

Several Water Center Faculty collaborated to assemble and informative series covering drought on Oklahoma's rangeland. Below is the link to the YouTube channel with all 14 videos, as well as a list of all the topics covered and links to those individual videos.

Also, if you have quesitons about a particular issue that is not covered, please contact your County Agriculture Educator. Another video series is being considered and they can forward your input to the Water Resources Center.


OkstateWaterCenter YouTube Channel

Individual Videos and Topics


What is the Water Research and Extension Center?

Drought and Wildland Fires

Weather-related Tax Implications

Livestock Market Planning

Improving Your Pond during a Drought

Producer Finances after a Drought

Restocking Cattle after a Drought

Producer Finances during a Drought

Federal Drought Programs for Producers

Restocking Your Pond after a Drought

Cattle Stocking Rates during a Drought

The History of Oklahoma's Droughts

What is Pond Toxicity during a Drought?

3 Questions Livestock Producers Ask during a Drought




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