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The Cow/Calf Boot Camp is designed for both new and experienced cattle producers who are serious about increasing their level of management and their bottom line.

Enrollment is limited to allow all the participants to work closely with some of Oklahoma’s best livestock specialists and educators. At the camp you will work “hands on” with live cattle, solve management problems in small groups, and have ample opportunity for questions and discussions.

We have packed as much cow knowledge as possible into the three day agenda covering all aspects of cow-calf production. Come prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and make new friends.  The next camp is coming soon but space is limited.  Click HERE for more details...

Field Days

2015 Eastern Research Station Field Day

Tools & Calculators

Calculating Sulfur Intake of Cattle (Excel)

Calculating Sulfur Intake of Cattle (PDF)

Value Return on Additional Calf Gain

Forage Supplementation Program (Excel) (8/2019)

High Nitrate Forage Calculator - Cows (2/2015)

Goat Kid Record Spreadsheet with Dam and Sire (Excel 2010)

 OSU Goat Ration Formulator (06/2017)

OSU Beef Cattle Records (11/2016)


A Comprehensive Look at Grass Tetany (originally published 3/2013)




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