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Grades:  K - 6   Time Requirements:  Approximately 1 hr for each group to go through the exhibit

This exhibit must be booked one year in advance.

Farm to you is a 40’x40’ enclosed walk– through exhibit with nine stations. This interactive adventure is designed to involve kindergarten through 6th grade students in learning how foods from the farm are used by their bodies for good health.

The requirements for the Farm to You Display:

  • Space inside a room or gym large enough for a 40'x40' display
  • A minimum of 300 students, maximum of 450 students each day
  • 8-10 volunteers to help set up and take down the display
  • 10 volunteers are also needed to be station presenters. The Extension Office will help with getting volunteers.

The “Farm to You” program consists of a distinctive 40-foot-by-40-foot enclosed walk-through exhibit that travels throughout the state to scheduled community sites. The exhibit is quickly assembled with the help of school and community volunteers. At each of nine stations, students spend about six minutes participating in activities demonstrating where food grows, how food is used by the body to grow and develop, and how health habits keep the body healthy. Students meet Farmer Pete at the Cheeseburger Farm where MyPyramid foods are grown. They follow that food to the market to investigate Nutrition Facts labels, and then go on to the Healthy Cool Café where they take responsibility for choosing a variety of healthy foods. The adventure continues through an oversized mouth where they practice flossing, then travel through the digestive system, muscles, bones and skin where they engage in activities to reinforce desired health behaviors.

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