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McClain County

4H2O-Oklahoma Water Quality and Conservation

Grades:  4 - 8 Grade

Time Requirements:  2 - 3 Hour Water Fair

This exhibit must be booked in advance.

Water is our most valuable and limited resource.  Without water, we would not be able to live.  Oklahoma 4-H is teaching youth how to better use and conserve this precious resource through an educational program called Oklahoma 4H2O.

The program is typically delivered through a 2 - 3 hour water fair at your school.

Listed below are just a few of the topics available

Awesome Aquifers

Students will understand the concept of an aquifer

Web of Conservation

· Students will discover ways to reduce water usage inside the home

Water Wise

· Students will identify ways that water is wasted outside the home

Rainfall Simulation

· Students will learn the importance of groundwater and its role in recharging aquifers

The Water Cycle Game

· Students will understand the four steps in the water cycle

Move It!

· Students will learn the different types of bodies of water

No Water?  No Problem!

· Students will understand the concepts of drought and xeriscaping

The Beverage of Life

· Students will describe the importance of water in the body

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