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Colostrum Supplements and Replacer

Unfortunately, not all colostrum is the same. There is a lot of variability between cows and their colostrum quality. When colostrum is of lower quality, producers have three options: stored colostrum, supplement products, and colostrum replacer. 

Will Pasture Legumes Eliminate My Need to Purchase Nitrogen Fertilizer?

The cost of nitrogen fertilizer can be one of the biggest expenses to forage production.  This has many producers wondering if there is a cheaper way of producing the forage they need for their grazing animals. Some are looking at legumes as a way of bridging the gap in the production of their grass pastures since they have reduced nitrogen fertilizer inputs.


 Sort Very Young and Very Old Cows for More Efficient Winter Feeding

First calf heifers have historically been the toughest females on the ranch to get rebred. They are being asked to continue to grow, produce milk, repair the reproductive tract, and have enough stored body energy (fat) to return to heat cycles in a short time frame.

Keeping Vaccines at Proper Temperatures

Respiratory disease in cattle, also known as BRD, shipping fever or pneumonia, may cost the U.S. cattle industry over $2 billion annually. Management techniques can offset much of this cost and having a good vaccination program can maintain the health of a calf all the way through the production system.


















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