McClain County

4-H Booster Club


All McClain County parent/guardians and program supporters are welcome to attend meetings. 4-H Booster Club meetings allow for constructive discussion about upcoming events and the success of past events. The 4-H program is constantly growing and changing. In order to keep up, the 4-H Educator needs a council of people to share new and innovative ideas to keep young engaged.

Mission Statement

“Serve as council and supporter of the McClain County 4-H program as a whole. Support the development of Leadership skills within McClain County 4-H members. Financially support McClain County 4-H Community and Project Clubs as well as individual    4-H member projects. 4-H Booster Club members provide ideas for program improvement and enhancement.” 


· Educate McClain County community members about 4-H and its advantages

· Collaborate with other organizations

Meetings are the 3rd Monday of every month at 6pm at the McClain County Extension office. 

Future Meetings:

- October 21, 2019


McClain County Booster Club Officers 

President: Leah Haxton

Vince President: Melissa Spurlock

Secretary: Janet Triplitt

Accounts Committee: Bernita Wilson, Leon Wilson, Alex Cox

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