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2019 February OHCE Newsletter
Page 1 This American Heart Month: Pledge to Move with Heart! Page 2 Become a Conscious Consumer Page 3 OHCE News & Notes Page 4 Managing Relationship Expectations Page 5 Truth about Knee Replacement Page 6 County Council Invitation
2018 December OHCE Newsletter
Healthy Eating for the Holidays; Handling Forced Affection; OHCE News & Notes; Cold Weather Safety & Car Safety; Tips for Christmas Entertaining; Logan County OSU Extension Open House Invitation
2018 October OHCE Newsletter
Don't Get Spooked by Candy Consumption at Halloween; Eight Ways to Fight Fatigue with Food; OHCE News & Notes; Design a Custom Respite Plan; Cozy up to Cold Weather by Preparing Your Home for Fall And Winter; HCE Quilt Challenge; Special Thanks for Helping Make the Logan County Fair AMAZING
2018 August OHCE Newsletter
Hydration Is Essential Especially During Summer Months; Tips for Making School Awesome; OHCE News & notes; 2019 OHCE Leader Lesson Options; "Piece, Love, & Quilt" Retreat; HCE Quilt Challenge; More OHCE News & Notes; When the Sun Is Out; Complaining Can Rewire Your Brain for Negativity; Superintendents Orientation Wed. August 29 at 9:30 am - Logan County Fair September 6-8, 2018
2018 June-July OHCE Newsletter
Summer Vacation Doesn't Always Mean Plane Tickets and Passports; Most Prediabetes Unaware of Their Condition; 4-H Youth Summer Day Camp Volunteers Needed: OHCE News & Notes; A Time to Pick-Blueberry Basics; Respite Care Spells Relief for Stressed Out Caregivers; Eight Ways to Fight Fatigue with Food: Medicare Savings Programs Update
2018 March-April OHCE Newsletter
Safety Is a Priority During Storm Season; A New Medicare Card Is Coming; Five Minute Relaxation; OHCE News & Notes; Caregiving Helping by Giving Support to a Friend; Baked Sweet Potato Fries; Garden Road Trip to OSU Plant Sale
2018 January OHCE Newsletter
Food and Meds That Don’t Mix; Black-Eyed Pea Salad; OHCE News & Notes; Anger: Reasoned Reaction Is a Choice; Black-Eyed Peas Nutrition Information; Guard Children form Choking Hazards; Think Valentine’s Day: Homemade Hand Lotion; Peppermint Bath Salts; Car Survival Kit
2017 November OHCE Newsletter
November Is National Family Caregiver Month; The Importance of Gratitude; OHCE News & Notes; Five Ways to Protect Yourself from a Stroke; Hosting Thanksgiving; 4-H Pillowcase Work Day
2017 October OHCE Newsletter
Tips to prepare your home for the winter season; Arthritis Pain Management; OHCE News & Notes; Credit freeze information in the wake of the Equifax hack; Friendship Quilt Show information; Make your own casseroles; Nov. 2-4, 2017, Quilt Retreat information; National Food Safety Month
2017 August OHCE Newsletter
Recognizing National Immunization Awareness; Long Term Health Trends; OHCE News & Notes; Can Tea Drinking Prevent Dementia? County Free Fair Schedule; Country Store Free Fair Schedule; Benefits of Volunteering; Strawberry Cake
2017 June-July OHCE Newsletter
Behaviors Parents Must Avoid When Going Through Divorce; Keep Summer Snacking Healthy; OHCE News & Notes; Melanoma; Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Better Taste; Slow Cooker Beef Barbecue
2017 May OHCE Newsletter
Straw Bales: A Versatile Gardening Option; Shape Up Your Spending; OHCE News & Notes; OHCE Week Report Due; Food Preservation at Home: Home Preservation Workshop; (FRED) Fathers Reading Every Day; Registration Form for 82nd Annual State OHCE Conference; Information for OHCE Conference . . .
2017 April OHCE Newsletter
Keep Your Mind and Memory Sharp; OHCE News & Notes; Leader Lesson; NW District Council News; OHCE Week; Bake Show Winners; Mosquitoes—Plan of Attack; OHCE Week Celebration; Earth Day
2017 March OHCE Newsletter
Heart Disease Is Not Just a Man's Disease; Timely Garden Tips; Logan County Bake Show and Food Showdown; OHCE News & Notes; Super Foods for Better Health
2017 January/February OHCE Newsletter
Protecting Your Feet and Ankles; Volunteer Hours; OHCE News & Notes; Quarterly Council Meeting; NW District Council News; Yearbook Corrections; Tip for Well Water Safety; January Is Soup Month; Benefits of Yoga; Walk in the Park & Yoga Offered
2016 December OHCE Newsletter
Be Aware of Electrical Safety during the Holiday Season; OSU Addresses Hunger; Scents of the Season; Preparing a Winter Emergency Kit; Don’t Be Taken Advantage of; Gifts in a Jar; OHCE News & Notes Winter Council Meeting; Children’s Christmas Shower; Holiday Facts & Trivia; OHCE Open House
2016 November OHCE Newsletter
Most Prediabetics Unaware of Their Condition; 13 Ways to Beat Distractions; Making a New Technology Purchase; Recipes for Pecan Pie and Sausage and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash; OHCE News & Notes; Get Out and Vote
2016 October OHCE Newsletter
Make Healthy Choices When Selecting a Snack; Halt the Salt in Prepackaged Foods; Are You Safe to Drive?; 10 Tips to Get Fit This Fall; Butternut Squash Soup; Quilt Retreat; OHCE News & Notes; Cow’s Milk vs Almond Milk
2016 September OHCE Newsletter
Simple Tips to Expand Your Wardrobe; Thinking Outside the Box; Reducing Food Waste; 2017 HCE Lesson Suggestions; OHCE News & Notes; Logan CO Fair Schedule; Mamma’s Favorite Oatmeal Cookies
2016 August OHCE Newsletter
Concern Is Growing over Food Loss and Waste; Stretch Your Fruit & Vegetable Budget; Using Single-load Laundry Packets Safely; Testing Your Watermelon Knowledge; OHCE News; OHCE Calendar; Fair Calendar; Getting Kids to Eat More Fruit; Fresh Fruit Popsicles
2016 July OHCE Newsletter
Stay Hydrated in Summer Heat; Prevent Falls; Eating on a Budget; The Marriage Garden; Women in Ag. Conference; OHCE News; OHCE Calendar; Fair Calendar; Sodium Savvy; You Are Invited!
2016 June OHCE Newsletter
Beware of Warm-Weather Poison Hazards; It’s Berry Pickin’ Time; Testing Your Pressure Canner; Are you Seeing Fleas?; Wake up Yoga; Women in AG; OHCE News; OHCE Calendar; Registration Annual State OHCE Conference; Wake up Yoga Registration; Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner
2016 May OHCE Newsletter
School is out so what are your kids doing this summer? Rethink Mental Illness; Fall Prevention; Wake up Yoga; OHCE News; OHCE Calendar; Registration Annual State OHCE Conference; Wake up Yoga Registration; Annie’s Project
2016 April OHCE Newsletter
Co-Parenting Program; Be Farm Fire Wise; Congratulations Bake Show Winners; OHCE News & Notes; Diabetes and Exercise; OHCE Week May 2-7; Annie’s Project April 18
2016 March OHCE Newsletter
Earthquake Insurance-Do You Need It?; Tips on Emergency Preparedness; Using Less Salt = Better health; OHCE Upcoming Events; OHCE Calendar; Tips to Make Your Home Shine
2016 February OHCE Newsletter
New Dietary Guidelines Encourage Healthy Eating; NEW Dietary Guidelines; Get out and Walk - The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Walking; OHCE News & Notes; Impact of Lifestyle on Memory; Horticulture Tips; NW District OHCE Meeting; Eating Healthy on a Budget
2016 January OHCE Newsletter
Take Steps to Help prevent Water Pipes from Freezing; Top Food Trends for 2016; OHCE News & Notes; Thoughts for 2016; January Is Soup Month; Tax Season Pitfalls
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