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Community/Area Description

Duke is located on U.S. Highway 62 & 64. At one time Duke was divided into two parts, which was East and West, because of a feud over the placement of the town in relation to the railroad. It was finally settled with the actual burying of the hatch in the middle of Main Street. It is a community with services available for an oriented family with goals. It is near enough also to drive and enjoy the ride to several places such as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Amarillo and Dallas, Texas. The community has a school for a good education and churches for a complete wholesome family. Duke has a police and fire department along with a community building available for community events. Duke has a community full of industries and businesses that people can shop around or work for.

Calendar of Events

Duke has a Community Pride Day, where the town is cleaned up for the day, Jr. Livestock Show, a public fireworks display on 4th of July and on New Year's Day, they drop a ball like New York City. Duke has three churches which are the Methodist, First Baptist, and Church of Christ.


The Chamber of Commerce offers assistance in locating land, housing resources, employee resources, and assistance with fund raisers.The community building is used for many events, but has to be rented if not used for community use. For lodging and dining information see Altus Site.

Key Atrractions

Duke has a school in which the classrooms are located underground, which is the only one in Oklahoma today. Its use of utilities is very efficient and also used as a storm shelter. The school functions are well supported and this helps a large number of high school seniors to be successful in careers as well as life. The seniors may attend school at Altus, Weatherford, Norman, or Stillwater, Oklahoma. The careers consist of engineers, lawyers, and doctors.

Emergency Services

The town of Duke has police and fire department. It is also equipped with 911 services. The police department is not a conventional department at this time because of low crime rates. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Jackson County Sheriff's Department, and night watchmen are on call at all times. The fire department is well equipped with volunteers who can handle a number of situations. The fire department is rated a class seven and should drop to a class six within the next year. The lower the class, the better, because of the class rating determines insurance rates. The equipment consists of two piper trucks, two rural trucks, and one responder truck that have certified first aid attendants. The medical services are limited, which is the Jackson County Memorial Hospital, and is eighteen miles one way. Jackson County Ambulance Service is the only present one at this time, if an emergency arises for Life Flight; it is available on an individual emergency basis.


Duke has several places of business and industry. It has American Gypsum, Farmer's and Merchants Bank, Darby's Furniture, Transport Companies, and consists of a few others. American Gypsum, known formerly as Republic Gypsum, is a well established company located here since 1964. It is the 2nd largest of its kind and employs 200 people. American Gypsum mines its own gypsum in the local area and produces wallboard. Farmer's and Merchants Bank has been a full service since 1910. The availability of loans, checking, and savings are currently offered. The banks also have financial referral information for IRA's and 401k's. Darby's Furniture has been in town since 1904 and popular around this area. The transport companies are H&B Transportation, Ox Train Trucking, Turkey Creek Trucking, with a few others located in the surrounding area. A few other businesses are Aspen Landscape and Construction, Co-op Elevator & Service Station, Farm Center & Service station, Collingwood Grain Elevator (seasonal), and 3D Flooring.

Shopping Guide

There are many other types of businesses like a gift/craft shop, one antique shops, and three restaurants. Duke also ahs two beauty/barber shops, one auto detailing, and one automotive garage. It has one care wash and two convenient stores. There are some available buildings for sale, which is a grocery store, a maintenance facility (automotive), and a newspaper office. The newspaper at the present time is one that is free put out by a local family called the "Duke Booster". The land that is available is only negative land. Duke is looking into some possibilities on making more available land at this time. The tow of Duke would like to see a retirement home/assisted living, wheat processing plant, and a dairy processing plant in the area. They do not want a waste disposal or department of corrections in the local area.

The town of Duke has a life of good qualities around them. There are individuals in positions that have good resource connections which are business managers and the president of the bank. The community does not have untapped resource in terms of new or individuals in the community. The town does have several church groups and civic clubs. Western Oklahoma State College, Southwest Technology Center, and Oklahoma State University are the local institutions for a good education. There is an old grocery store and newspaper office that was saved and developed as physical assets. The town board and the whole community help solve a problem or start a project in the area.
The community of Duke would not change anything about its appearance or the quality of living. The only thing is there should be better and more houses available for sale. The most enjoyable thing in the area is the people and rural environments and is close to a city for convenience. The agriculture, local industries, stores, sources of credit, and education are very well rounded and established. The public library, health facilities, availability of doctors and dentists, ambulance services, nursing homes for the elderly are fair, but is still decent for the rural town of Duke. The sewage disposal and water supply is a very good asset in the community. The fire control, garbage and trash disposal, and flood control are also excellent. The condition of houses is fair, but the appearance of roads, parks and streets help make it look like a wonderful area. The recreational opportunities and availability of hotels are poor in the area since it is a small town. The attitude of local residents to progressive developments are very cooperative and this makes people want to try for more retail business since the parking downtown is so available in the district. The safety is very well and does not have much crime. The family condition's of living, community organizations, and places to play with the children are very good assets for the local people of Duke. The law enforcement, road and street maintenance, and planning and zoning are reasonable for the number of the citizens in the area. Duke has advantages and disadvantages, but the attitudes and appearance of the town is wonderful and makes the people of southwest Oklahoma want to come and live there.

Community Asset Map

  • Individual Capacities: Bank President, Business Manager
  • No untapped resources in terms of new or unapproached individuals in the community.
  • Associations of citizens: Chruch groups, civic clubs, etc.
  • Private, Public, and Non-Profit Institutions: Western Oklahoma State College, Southwest Technology Center and Oklahoma State Extension Service.
  • Community's Physical Assets: Old Grocery Store and Newspaper Office.
  • Capacity Finders and Developers: Town Board, Whole Community, Whole Community is willing to help.


For more information contact: Altus Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 518, Altus, OK73522. 580-482-0210 www.intplsrv.net/c_of_c or altuscc@intplsrv.net

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