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Jackson County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Co-Parenting website

This will let you regrister online, then bring in the regristration form and verification form with $35 to your OSU Extension Office where the Co-Parenting Class will be held. The forms and payment must be in the Extension office 3 days before the class.


You want to choice the On-Site Regristration button:

  1. Make note of the date the class is offered, the location for the class, and the fee.
  2. Print and complete the registration form.
  3. Prior to the class, you need to complete a brief survey online. After you finish the survey, you will be directed to a survey verification form.  Print the survey verification form.
  4. Put the survey verification form, the completed registration form, and a check or money order for the fee in an envelope and return it to your County Extension office.  Once the county office recieves your forms they will register you for the next available class.
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