Hughes County, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Western Oklahoma Wildfire Hay Donations

From OSU Extension Educators in Western Oklahoma: 
The wildfires have been particularly widespread, fast moving and destructive. We are in desperate need of hay. For this event, the calls with hay donations have been slow to start, but we are confident they will ramp up quickly. We are still assessing the situation and needs. The Oklahoma Emergency Management Service has given us 3 cell phones to use for taking hay donation calls. This will hopefully alleviate the flood of calls to the Dewey and Woodward County offices. There are several drop sites across Dewey and Woodward counties in the affected areas. The contact information and location directions will be provided for the site the donated hay is directed to.

Please help us with getting the word out to your hay growers of this need. Please utilize the cell numbers below for your contacts, not an Extension Office. We have very little to no donated transportation, so please ask you hay growers to provide the transportation for the hay if at all possible. Your help with getting donations is a great service to our producers. Thank you!

Web site:…/wildfire-donation-information

Hay Donation Contact Information:
(405) 590-0106
(405) 397-7912
(405) 496-9329

(Each of these phones is being staffed by a committee of Extension Educators. All are the same – no priority or preference on which number to call)

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