Greer County Cooperative Extension Service

Agriculture in Greer County

2002 Agriculture Census Greer County

  • 515 farms containing 324,987 acres of land.
  • 263 of 515 farms are the farmers' primary occupation. 
  • Average acres per  farm  is 631. 
  •  Agriculture production generates over 20 million dollars in revenues for Greer County making it the foundation of the Greer County economy.
  • Cattle are the greatest revenue producers for Greer County agriculture.
  •  Forage production to support Greer County’s large cattle production is a top crop in the county.
  • A quarter of all revenues are due to wheat for grain and peanut production.
  • Wheat for grain production accounts for 66,000 acres of production in Greer County while peanuts occupy some 2,000 plus acres.
  • Cotton is a significant contributor to Greer County agriculture occupying 3,000 plus acres.

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