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Local Clubs

The purpose of the community 4-H club is to promote the development of technical and life skills.  The key elements of the club include:
 ·        Volunteer Leaders
·        A year round program
·        Multiple project involvement
·        Elected club officers
·        Community involvement
·        Parent involvement and support 

Parental involvement is essential to a successful 4-H club and 4-H experience.  4-H is designed to be a family activity.

 Members need adult support and guidance as they learn and gain leadership skills through their club.  The role as the volunteer and parent is to stay just out of the way, offering leadership, support and guidance when needed.

 A club functions with a group of officers selected by a vote of all members.  Meetings are planned by officers with the assistance of adult and teen leaders and with the input from other club members.  Programs or educational experiences are incorporated into meetings to help members learn more about subjects of general club interest.

 4-H practices a “child-centered” approach to projects and meetings.  This means 4-H members are allowed to make as many decisions and actions as possible.

 The community club will only be a starting point for a specific project.  Members of a club with similar interests should form special project clubs within their community club.  The club is lead by a project leader who is an adult volunteer or an experienced teen leader.  The club meets 6-10 times a year.  The project meeting provides a learn-by-doing situation, teach skills of doing, thinking, and feeling.  A particular project is explored and knowledge base broadened.





Leader:  Jennifer Kisling



Leaders: Lauralee Flamm

Joelle Powell


Leaders: Shelley Messall 


Enid 4-H Club

Leaders: Jim Rainey


Leaders: Lacey Deeds 

 Debby Roggow

Missy Quintero


Leader: Lara Meyer



Leaders: Earla Haggard

Samm Hoeltzel


Pioneer-Pleasant Vale

Leaders: Deirdre Postier



Leader: Kara Savage


Shooting Sports Club

Leader: Lindell Newman

Vance AFB



County Wide Project Clubs

Information on any of the following clubs may be obtained by contacting the O.S.U. Extension Center at 237-1228. 

MEATS CLUB - A county wide group designed to educate and train 4-H members 9-19 in the Meat Science Project.  Members learn to identify beef, pork and lamb cuts and exercise the knowledge in county, district, state, and other contests.  Members learn about the meat industry from the consumer's standpoint. 

SHOOTING SPORTS CLUB - A county wide club open to all members 9-19.  4-H'ers learn gun safety and develop skills through this supervised group activity. 

TEEN LEADERS CLUB - The Teen Leaders Club is an active county wide organization for 4-H members 13 and older.  Members are provided opportunities for personal development, leadership and friendship. 

The objectives of this organization are to help the younger 4-H members in the county with 4-H projects and other activities that will aid in their development and encourage a cooperative spirit in the county.  The club develops better leadership abilities within the members, so that they may be able to pass on the skills to younger members.  The club encourages members to become better acquainted with other teen leaders, younger members, local leaders, and agents. 

WILDLIFE CLUB -  The club learns about wildlife habitats, fishing, types of wildlife, etc. The club goes on field trips, works on projects relating to wildlife and much more. 

4-H FOOD SCIENCE PROJECT GROUP - A county wide group for 4-H members and Cloverbuds. Members learn about food preparation, nutrition and science while having a good time. 

 FABRICS AND FASHIONS PROJECT GROUP - A county wide group for 4-H members 9-19 years of age.  Members learn about clothing construction, personal image, consumer education and textile science and care through hands-on activities.

Any county wide or local project club may be started when an adult, teen leader or parent wish to assume the responsibility for the club.  Ideas for clubs include:  outdoor, bicycle,  speech, etc...  Please contact the County Extension Office if  you have an interest in starting a project club.

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