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Craig County OSU Cooperative Extension Service

Craig County OHCE

The County Organization for Oklahoma Home & Community Education

The object of the Organization for Home and Community Education is to develop leadership, to promote and to extend the best interest of the family, home and community through a County OHCE Organization.

The County group is made up of the membership of each local group, is governed by the elective officers of the county group, and the presidents and secretaries of all local groups.

The County Extension Educator, FCS, and the District Program Specialist, FCS, serve in an advisory capacity to help plan the programs and to determine the policies of the county organization.

      Oklahoma HCE Creed

We believe the family should come first in the life of the individual, the community, and the nation.  We will build our homes on love and mutual respect.  We shall endeavor to discover the potential in our children and our neighbor's children and to help them develop their personalities in such a manner that they make a worthwhile contribution to life.

We shall maintain high standards in our homes through research and education to promote better use of our environment and better living conditions for all.

We shall encourage a faith in a God of love who is forever revealed through natural laws and human personalities.

We shall have faith that strong leaders shall go forth from our homes and communities, carrying with them throughout the universe the ideals which we have proclaimed.

 OHCE Officers

  • Craig County OHCE Officers / Executive Committee
  • President:                                                  Madaline Kropff   
  • Vice President of Program:                        Lynne Miller      
  • Vice President of Public Policy:                 Marilyn Breyley  
  • Secretary:                                                  Jeri Estep    
  • Treasurer:                                                  Maxine Beisley
  • Advisor:                                                      Tari Lee
  • OSU Estension Office Staff
  • Extension Educator, FCS/4-H/CED           Tari Lee       
  • Extension Admin Support Specialist:         Kelly Greene  
  • Extension Office Address:                          210 W Delaware,Suite 107
  •                                                                    Vinita, Oklahoma 74301      
  • Extension Office Phone:                             918-256-7569  
  • Extension Office Fax Number:                   918-256-6917
  • E-mail address:                                          tari.lee@okstate.edu


  • Fair Board Officers
  • Bob Willy - Chairman                                 Pat Kuebler
  • Diana Just - Secretary                               Jacklyn Jaggars
  • NancyCordray - Treasurer                         Leonard Taylor
  • Gary Layton                                               Lorraine Pitts                                                                     

  • County Commisssioners:                       Excise Board:
  • Dan Peetoom                                             Fred York
  • Lowell Walker                                             Dale Johnston
  • Mike Fitzpatrick                                          Nancy Cordray


  • Schedule of  OHCE Meetings
  • Harmony:        2nd Wednesday of the month @ 1:30 p.m.
  • North Vinita:   2nd Wednesday of the month @ 1:30 p.m.
  • White Oak:      Varies        




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