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Community Development

Local residents and community leaders are concerned with identifying options for diversifying their economy and community development.  The four services offered by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Services (OCES), which is a part of Oklahoma State University, are Community Economic Development, Community Services, Rural Health Works, and local Government Education.

Training and technical assistance in strategic planning for economic development through OCES. The assistance is offered in two phases:
1. Assistance in visioning, strategic planning, and analysis
2. Assistance in implementing strategies in specific areas such as retail trade development, retiree recruitment, tourism development, business recruitment, or home-based business development.

A sound planning structure can help you target specific sectors of the economy in your community, build on unique local assets such as tourism development, recruitment, Main Street or small business development, business recruitment, or home-based/micro business development.

Strategic Planning
Community Planning
Educational Programs
Oklahoma PRIDE Training
Community Housing Development
Application Engineers

The expansion of the economic base in Oklahoma communities is a goal of the Community Development program, along with providing quality community services at affordable costs. This is just a brief introduction to some of the services OCES can provide for your community. OCES offers educational and technical assistance to aid community promoting economic development and providing quality community services.  The programs include economic and business development, community services, and local government education.

For more information about these and other community development programs, contact the Cleveland County Extension office at 405-321-4774.

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