Cleveland County Cooperative Extension

Agriculture & Wildlife

Mature Buck


Cleveland County Extension Wildlife and Natural Resource Programs:

  • Deer Management
  • Wildlife Food Plots
  • Waterfowl Management
  • Wetland Management
  • Brush Management
  • Hunting Lease Education
  • Pond Weed Control
  • Wildlife Tree Planting
  • Quail and Turkey Management
  • Prescibed Fire Information
  • Land and Wildlife Co-op's

Cleveland County Extension Agriculture Programs

  • Soil and Water Analysis
  • Forage Testing
  • Pest Management
  • Pasture Fertility and Weed Control
  • Native Pasture and Range Restoration & Management
  • Eastern Red Cedar Control
  • Commercial Livestock Production
  • Value Added Cattle Markets 
  • Small Scale Livestock Production
  • Backyard Poultry
  • Bermudagrass Pasture Management and Stocking Rate

For more information related to wildlife, livestock, or natural resources, contact our office at (405) 321-4774.

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