Carter County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Carter County 4-H Horse Club

2012 - 2013 4-H Horse Club Officers:

President - Emily Hamilton
Vice-President - Addie Fore
Secretary - Skyler Wright
Reporter - Emma Meeks
Recreation Leaders - Clancy Meeks

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Education for 4-H members on horse ownership, feeding, riding and horsemanship.

Our objectives are:

  • To develop an appreciation of horseback riding
  • Be responsible for the management of a horse
  • To learn skills in horsemanship
  • Increase knowledge of safety precautions to prevent injury to themselves and others
  • Be better prepared for citizenship responsibilities through working in groups and supporting community horse projects and activities
  • During the year an effort is made to have trainers or persons with expertise in horses come and present a program to the 4-H Horse Club members
  • All members are encouraged to give a talk or demonstration on a horse related topic. (Importance is placed on educational value, not length.)

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