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Anticipating Spring

Although it is tempting to work in the garden during this unseasonably warm weather, it is important to remember that it is not spring yet. In fact, even though it has been in the mid-sixties and sunny, we are in the depths of winter and everyone from Oklahoma knows that as quickly as it gets warm on a winter day, it will just as quickly turn cold again. 


Therefore, if you get out in the garden and uncover your plants, you are taking a big risk of losing them later.

So what is a gardener supposed to do when they are just itching to get outside? Well, now is the time to plan for the next growing season.

Instead of getting dirty in the garden, pull out those old photos of your yard. Remember which plants you wanted to move last summer, which new plants you wanted to try growing this year (or try growing again). Remember the plants that grew too large for their current location or that did not look good next to its neighbors. Remembering what your garden looked like last summer, will help you plan for changes that you want to make this year.

Also, take a good look at your garden now. Does your garden have winter interest? If everything in your garden looks dead and uninteresting, make note of this and consider adding some winter interest with evergreens or ornamental grasses. 

Finally, look through your old plant catalogues. Decide which catalogues you enjoyed or ordered from last year. Now is a great time to get your name on future mailing lists so you will continue to receive your favorite catalogues. This will be one less thing to think about when it comes time to get back outside.  

If you are like me, plant catalogues evoke the same excitement as the Christmas toy wish book did when I was a kid. Having catalogues on hand will allow you to see what new plants are available and will help to build the anticipation for spring.

So hang in there a little longer. Spring will be here before we know it and soon we will be wishing that it was cooler. Therefore, instead of disturbing your sleeping garden, take this time to plan for the future. It is a new year; it is time to evaluate last year’s garden and plan for the future. 


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