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Fall: A Season of Change

Hello Yukon!  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Casey Sharber, your new OSU Canadian County Horticulture Extension Educator. I am happy to be here and look forward to answering your horticulture questions.  


In an attempt to lend an understanding of the green environment surrounding us, I will be writing articles for the Yukon Review, which should help turn your thumbs green. 


During my recent relocation back to Oklahoma, I was driving through the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania and had beautiful views of the valleys filled with maple trees.  The trees were on the verge of changing out of the tired green into their last encore of color before they took a bow for the winter.  I must admit that I was a little disappointed to be missing the fall color as I was moving.


However, as I got into Illinois and detoured through Iowa, the beauty of the Great Plains revived my 1500 mile road trip.  After living near Philadelphia for the last two years and overcoming the claustrophobia of the dense east coast, it was nice to reunite with the vast amount of space that I had missed so dearly. Being able to see the unobstructed horizon as a thunderstorm approached hundreds of miles away heightened my appreciation of the “wide, open spaces.” 


As I drove through the corn belt into the wheat belt, I finally arrived home in Oklahoma, to find surprisingly warm weather for October. Although I missed this year’s main growing season, I will be able to experience the beauty of its fall colors as the ornamental grasses and deciduous trees begin to change. 


As the bermuda grass is slowly going to sleep for the winter in the urban landscapes, it is like the changing of the guards, with the winter wheat beginning to push its way out of the earth’s soil in the western fields of Canadian County. Witnessing this, I realize that there is no better place to be during the fall.


Throughout each of the seasons, I will be writing articles to help you learn, understand, and appreciate the amazing world of plants, landscapes, and our surrounding environment.


Until next time - STOP, LOOK, and ENJOY!

~ Casey

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