Canadian County OSU Extension Service

OSU-FAPC Bake and Take 4-H Contest

When Feb 07, 2017
from 02:35 PM to 02:35 PM
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Contest Description and Rules:

1. This contest is open to all 4H members and clubs.

2. Make a cake/cupcakes from scratch, no cake mixes allowed.

3. The cake and/or its decorations must contain at least two Made in Oklahoma (MIO)

ingredients. Please visit the following websites to find suggested MIO ingredients. and

4. The cake must be themed as a 20th anniversary celebration of FAPC. This

can be done through decorations like candles, writing of frosting or other edible graphic

elements. Please look at the fapc website to learn more about the center for ideas.

5. The cake can be any size, shape or flavor.

6. All elements of the cake must be made and decorated only by the club members or

individual entering the contest. No premade store decorations permitted unless they are


7. Three high quality clear digital photos must be submitted with the understanding that

these photos may be used by 4H or FAPC on social media or for other marketing

purposes to promote the event.

a. Photo #1: a photo of the member(s) making and/or decorating the cake

b. Photo #2: a photo of the entire completed cake.

c. Photo #3: a group photo of the individual(s) responsible and the completed


8. The three photos must be submitted with the following information:

a. City and County of the 4H group or individual, name of the 4H leader/volunteer,

email address and phone number of leader, names and ages of participant(s).

b. A description of the cake authored by the participant(s) that describes the cake

and how it fits into the FAPC anniversary celebration theme.

c. A list of the made in Oklahoma products used.

9. All information and photos must be submitted by 5pm on March 20, 2017. These

entries must be emailed to


1. Two prizes will be given out, one for each category. Both individual and club entries will

be judged together.

a. Junior – participants aged 9-13 years of age before January 1, 2017

b. Senior – participants aged 14-18 years of age before January 1, 2017

c. If the group has a combination of both age groups the submission will

automatically default to the senior category.

2. Applicants of the winning cake entries for both the Junior and Senior categories will


a. $100 total for the group or individual winning two entries from the Oklahoma

Wheat Commission

b. An FAPC anniversary swag bag

c. A ticket to the 2017 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show for each winning team

member and team leader or 4 tickets for an individual winning entry. The tickets

from world renown sugar artist and Food Network star, Kerry Vincent to attend

the 2017 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show at the Tulsa State Fair (September 30

- October 1)

d. An optional opportunity to recreate their cakes at the Fun with Sugar event in

Tulsa in April 2017.

3. The entries will be judged on: use of Made in Oklahoma products, best depiction of

theme, creativity, technique and neatness.