Beaver County Extension

4-H Video Contest

The 4-H Video Contest is a separate contest from the 4-H Speech and Demonstration Contests. Videos will be due to Extension Office prior to Speech and Demonstration Contests. Ribbons for the Video Presentation Contest will be presented at the same time as the ribbons for the 4-H Speech & Demonstration Contests. Video submissions will be judged based on the following criteria: Content –25% (Script, creativity & coherence); Quality of Production—25% (Visual aesthetics, cinematography, & adherence to time limit); Technical Skill—25% (Camera operation & video editing); and Final Product—25% (Cohesiveness; overall creativity, accuracy of information & video quality). Time lengths for Speech Video Presentations are: Junior—3-5 minutes, Intermediate—5-7 minutes, and Senior—5-7 minutes.

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