Beaver County Extension

4-H Speech Contest

4-H members are provided the opportunity to participate in the County 4-H Speech Contest. 4-H members can present a regular speech in which the 4-H members can use posters, charts, or note cards. The county 4-H Speech Contest will be held each year. Date is determined at the annual calendar planning meeting in either July or August of each year. Dates will be advertised in the monthly 4-H Newsletter. 4-H member must complete an entry form the day of the contest. Entry forms will be available at the registration table. The five available categories are: Home Economics, Agriculture, General, Power Point, or Impromptu. There will be three age divisions in each of the five main categories: Junior (9-11 as of January 1) and Intermediate 4-H member's(12-14 as of January 1) speeches must be 3-5 minutes in length; and Senior 4-H member’s (15-19 as of January 1) speeches must be 5-7 minutes in length. Champion and Reserve Champion will be determined for each age group and category. All speeches will receive either a blue or red ribbon. 4-H members can use note cards while presenting their speech, but are encouraged not to excessively read them. Most judges prefer the speeches be memorized. Speeches that are mostly read will receive a red ribbon and need to be improved on before being presented again some other time. If a red ribbon is received, the 4-Her cannot receive champion or reserve. Speeches that do not fall within the prescribed time limits will receive fewer points according to their time.

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