Beaver County Extension

4-H Job Readiness

Job Readiness Event Guidelines: Job Readiness is an individual event which recognizes members who communicate a personal understanding of and ability to perform specific job requirements. All members will compete through written materials and a job interview.  Age Categories - Intermediate (ages 12-14) & Advanced (ages 15 & over). Job Categories - Individuals may choose one of the three following categories: Services - Could include full service restaurants, fast food stores, employment at a day care center, automotive service/repair, farm/ranch workers, contractor/construction worker, photography, cosmetologists, etc.; Home Based Business - Could include babysitting (for an individual), housekeeping, catering services, lawn care and maintenance, home repair/maintenance, custom sewing, pet care, word processing, special occasion photography, etc.; Retail/Office - Could include any retail store (discount, department, specialty, farm supply, garden/nursery, book store) or office-type work (including clerical, filing, and receptionist). Criteria for Evaluation - All participants will be evaluated on: An information folder, which includes a resume, a job description sheet, a letter of application OR home based business flyer and a completed job application form. All materials will be completed by the participant prior to the event. The information folder will be turned in during the day of the contest. An interview will be conducted during the contest. A follow-up letter will be completed immediately after the interview.

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