Beaver County Extension

4-H Demonstration Contest

4-H members are provided the opportunity to participate in the County 4-H Demonstration Contest. 4-H members must complete an entry form the day of the contest. Entry forms will be available at the registration table. Junior 4-H demonstrations must be 3-7 minutes in length, Intermediate and Senior 5-12 minutes with all concluding with a finished product. Any 4-H project area is suitable for your demonstration. Videos must meet all the Demonstration Contest guidelines and CANNOT be edited. Date is determined at the annual calendar planning meeting in either July or August of each year. Dates will be advertised in the monthly 4-H Newsletter. There will be three age divisions. Junior (3rd (8 yrs old), 4th-5th grades as of September 1), Intermediate (6th-8th grades as of September 1), and Senior (9th-12th grades as of September 1). Champion and Reserve Champion will be determined for each age division. All demonstrations will receive either a blue ribbon or red ribbon for competing. Most judges feel it helps to have posters to go along with the demonstration. Judges like to see no note cards used. Memorized demonstrations that have been practiced usually do very well. Demonstrations not within the designated time limit will be deducted 1 point for each 15 seconds over or under time.

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