Adair County Cooperative Extension Service

Soil/Litter/Forage/Water Testing

OSU Soil Testing Lab

OSU Testing Fact Sheets

Lab Testing Fee List


Soil            $10.00
Litter          $20.00
Water, Forage/Feed Mix-Priced according to test requested.

Amount of testing materials
Soil-1 Pint
Litter-1 Quart
Forage/Feed Mix-1 Quart

Soil, bring to OSU Extension office in a plastice bag (1 pint).  If more than one bag is being tested, please identify each bag with a description that you will know where they came from.

Litter, bring to OSU Extension office in a heavy plastic bag (1 quart) with your name, address and phone number written on the bag.

Liquid Litter, plastic containers are available for you to transfer litter from your glass (1 Pint) or plastic container.

Water, (minerals only) plastic container available for transfer from your glass (1 Pint) or plastic container.

Forage/Feed Mix, bring a quart of material to be tested.

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